Wish I were there…

Well good afternoon all fellow online enthusiasts.  I may be a bit behind on this blogging trend, but I am So Happy to finally be joining in!

As we all strive to improve different aspects of our lives, I am working towards launching myself into a new career as a Copy-Writer.  My plan along the way is to build this blog and connect with people along the way that have similar interests, curious appetites, or that just enjoy reading the material I get on here… as much as possible.

I will be posting on here at least once a week, my goal is to be posting daily.  The type of material I put up on here will be influenced by my followers.  I look forward to reading your opinions and responses to see what kinda of blog you would be most interested in seeing.  As I learn how to improve on doing this, I promise that not only will the quality of the content improve, so will my writing…

Thank you for checking out my first blog!  I look forward to our future conversations.  Though the path my have a lot of curves, I am so excited that you have chosen to take this journey with me!

asphalt road between brown trees
Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com


2 thoughts on “Wish I were there…”

  1. Excellent career path for you. I know that I enjoy reading about what you are learning. I am practicing “afformation”. I am saying “how do I keep losing weight?. We will see what happens. Good luck, keep learning and sharing.

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    1. Thank you so much! It is really nice to share what I learn, and I appreciate all of your critiquing as well.
      I am happy to hear that some of my education is rolling over to you! I will definitely keep sharing and I look forward to our future findings…!


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