Where Do You Find Beauty in Your Life

Good Evening Family.

I was driving down the road today when my spirits were lifted by all of the Beauty that I saw around me as I drove into town.  I will admit that in my day so far, my To Do List was falling a bit short from being complete, so I was a bit down.  It is Ironic how such small things in your day can so easily distract you .  While I was still getting important things taken care of, the to do list that I just started, was getting… left behind.

As I was driving into town to help a friend, in the process marking one of the to do’s off my list, I was reminded of how much I do enjoy this time of year!  The multitude of different colors that I saw, just bewildered my mind.  The difference in the types of trees that surround our community is displayed in the different color of leaves that not only litter the ground, but also radiate from the canopy of trees!


I grew up here in Michigan too, so I shouldn’t be as surprised by the fall colors as much as I was today.  I believe that it had to be the mindset that I was in as I drove into town.  Which brings me to the uplifting note that I felt as I first started seeing the beauty surrounding me.  It doesn’t matter where we are in our life, we just need to allow ourselves to put our personal feelings away for a minute, and look around at the world around us… We should be amazed at how small the problems that we give so much attention to, in reality, really are small!  They are so minor in comparison to our world around us!

I know that I fall into the same category of allowing my immediate focus to be on what is right in front of me.  As I struggle through my day trying to complete my daily To do’s… only ending up falling short… I get very frustrated too!  Personally, I am so grateful that through the reading that I have been doing lately, it has been reminding me to take a break.  Actually the need to schedule a break in daily, in order to make sure that I allow myself time to clear my mind and relax.  We all need time for that break from the daily routine to clear our minds and relax.  Our effort and actions after that break will be so much more productive, as long as we learn how to clear our mind and actually relax.

I hope that these pictures help you to see some of the beauty that I saw on my drive today.  I know that a picture can be worth a million words.  I also know that you will never actually be able to see the true beauty through a pic, that you will see with your own eyes.  So remember to stop periodically throughout your day, and see the beauty in the world around you.  I hope that you will all stay tuned to this channel, as I will continue my discussion on how to catch your breath (not literally) and relax tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Where Do You Find Beauty in Your Life”

  1. I am very proud of you Marcus for doing this. Your words are so fluentely spoken and really played back in my head has i read them. You defientely have been a stepping stone in my life that made me stepout of my comfort zone and helped me grow as a person. We may not talk Every day but you cross my thoughts when i think of how much i have grown as a person mentally, spirtualy, and more in tune with my empathic side.


    1. Thank you Renae, that means a lot to me! I am hoping to be able to do the same for more people around the world with my writing. Positivity is the key to a happier life! That is why my website has that as the address, I thought that it sounds cool too… positivitykey!


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