Finding Positive Energy Within

Too long has it been since I have written a post on my website.  I started working a 3rd shift job and completely pulled away from my “thoughts” here!  As we all begin new journeys in our life, we fall prey to the upcoming reactions to the very same actions we begin.  For example, when we get used to one activity in our life, so does our body.  When our activities change, our bodies get sore trying to adapt.  The same holds true with our minds, until we get our bodies back on a schedule, our minds can’t keep up.

            I am Spiritual, not religious.  I don’t want to believe that we are destined to live a specific life, predestined down a path with no choice of how or where I am going to end up.  I believe that through our choices, good and bad, we make the path that we live.  That is why it is so important to not only be in tune with all of the energy around us, but also at the same time be in tune with the energy inside us.

            There are many variations of connecting to the “energy” that I speak of.  One of the simplest ways that come to mind is finding a quiet place to sit and relax.  Close your eyes and calm your thoughts, or clear your mind while taking long and slow breathes.  Start from your head moving slowly down through your body to your toes, feeling the energy inside of your own body and how each breathe calms you inside.  Yes, I am talking about meditating.  With practice, this is a great way to relax everyday and stay in tune with your own personal energy.

            As I continue down this road that I am on and get more in tune with the energies in my life, I will do my best to also write and share what I learn.  I wish you all great health and positive healing on your journey and I look forward to any comments that you might have.  I also hope to hear about some of your experiences and challenges you may learn to overcome while traveling down your path in life.

1 thought on “Finding Positive Energy Within”

  1. I know and believe in our Lord God ,Jesus Christ. He has brought me back from death twice and the second time I came back I was blessed with my beabeautiful great granddaughter. Love her so much.

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