Starting a New Career

It has definitely been too long away from this website! As a normal human being, I too can get caught up in the 9-5 workforce and put too many of my dreams on the backburner. One of the things that has truly been weighing on my mind is being away from my writing for so long now. So, one of the priority factors when looking into a new, or better career choice that I wanted to jump into was finding one that would offer me more time to write.

Many people have warned me about rip-off artists or scam businesses’ that are just out there to take my money, then leave me high and dry. I stumbled into this new opportunity on, an Investment Properties opportunity! This is my training day, as I sit here after lunch waiting to get started again I am taking advantage of my extra time… to Write!
Let’s definitely do this again soon… since my time has run out for today.

Chat again with you Soon…

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