Transfiguration – One Way to Utilize a Decaying Tree

20181104_142852 (2)

We had this pine tree out in the yard that the top died on, too many years ago to remember.  This last weekend I went outside with the chainsaw and finally brought it down… well, mostly

Prior to cutting it, I had a discussion with my mom on what was to come of this tree.  Her idea was great, “leave the stump and put a birdhouse on it.”  So, I went to work on the tree.  With the help of family, we pulled all of the limbs away in order to decide on how/where to cut the tree in order to put the birdhouse on the standing stump.

20181104_145116 (2)

I must admit that the during the delimbing process, I am glad that I left a few of the upper branches a bit longer.  I ended up cutting the top off of the tree, right where it started to die. It left a really nice platform for the birdhouse to rest on.  I cannot wait to see the birdhouse that we get for the top!

One of my favorite quotes, “from every rain, comes new life,” (author unknown) reminds me that there is beauty in everything around us, we just have to be able to see it.  I am happy to say that from where the old dying tree once stood, a new birdhouse will now be placed, allowing for the birds to continue utilizing the tree.

20181105_12080820181105_120847 (2)

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